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FEMA: Extend Hurricane Matthew Proof of Loss Deadline

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Petition: FEMA Must Extend Hurricane Matthew Proof of Loss Deadline 60 Days

Sign our Whitehouse.gov petition calling on FEMA to extend the Hurricane Matthew Proof of Loss deadline by 60 days.

This morning I created a petition on Whitehouse.gov asking that the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) issue an extension of at least 60 days for Hurricane Matthew flood victims to file their “Proof of Loss” documents. FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires that flood insurance policy holders submit their Proof of Loss within 60 days of a flooding event. The Proof of Loss must include photos or video of the insured’s flood damage, a comprehensive and itemized list of what was damaged, and receipts, if possible, for damaged items along with any other supporting documents that show the value of what was lost.

In the aftermath of a devastating event like Hurricane Matthew, collecting the information required above to file a Proof of Loss can prove challenging, particularly when the priority post-disaster is not insurance but rather survival. Throw in the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and those 60 days become scarce.

In the very recent past FEMA has shown a willingness to extend the deadline by 30-60 days, sometimes allowing a total of 120 days in which an insured can file a Proof of Loss. Such extensions were issued after Hurricane Hermine devastated parts of Florida’s Gulf Coast and in Louisiana after the historic floods there. Both disasters occurred in August 2016.

Please sign our Petition and share the following link in your social media networks:


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  1. Amber says:
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    In a time of such great loss, it would be a benefit to all of us who are struggling as a result of Hurricane Matthew, if the FEMA proof of loss deadline would be extended. We are struggling to get out lives back on track.

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